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The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada is an independent not-for-profit organization specializing in radiation safety. We promote occupational radiation safety in workplaces in almost every kind of industry, in the health, education and other service sectors and in the public sector and we promote environmental radiation safety in homes, schools and the community.

We are always on the lookout for good people. We are an equal-opportunity employer with a best-in-class employee benefits plan, including health benefits and pension plan.

Current Opportunities

1. Chief Scientist

We are currently looking for a Chief Scientist to drive the scientific development of the Institute and provide leadership to its team of scientists. 
The position will be physically located at our Toronto office. This is a full time position. Some travel will be required.

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2. Radiation Scientist

We are currently looking for a Radiation Scientist to join our team at the National Education Center in Toronto. The purpose of the position is to teach in-class radiation safety courses, as well as maintain and further develop our e-learning portfolio.

If you know your physics, have energy, drive and imagination, we’re interested. If you have common sense and a down-to-earth approach to practical problems, we’re even more interested. If you like a challenge, have a sense of humour and can work independently in a collegial atmosphere, better still. If you can speak effectively and can teach and write, best of all.

This is a full time position. Some travel will be required.

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New! Study Radiation Safety Online.

Questions about Radiation?

Free Radiation Safety Inquiry Service answering questions about radiation.



New Regulatory Search Tool

RSIC is proud to announce the launch of the Regulatory Search Tool. It is a free Tool, designed to guide you to the regulations governing the use of radiation sources that most directly apply to your specific situation or area of interest.

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April 18th marks 40th Anniversary of the Wildcat Strike led by the United Steelworkers Union in Elliott Lake that lead to the creation of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada (RSIC)

“RSIC congratulates the USW for their leadership in the 1970s to force action. In addition, RSIC applauds the USW for their continued dedication to worker safety in uranium mines across Canada and for their continued support of our institute as we continue to raise awareness and perform services that help keep miners and other professionals safe. ” Steve Mahoney, President of RSIC.

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Join us on May 1 for one-day Radon Symposium

“Good science in plain language” session explores the potential radon hazard and allows the event participants to form their own opinions, and contribute to building a comprehensive provincial radon policy.

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