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The staff of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada takes great pride in our status as the “best of the best”. Highly skilled and educated, our team of experienced scientists, technicians and business professionals are the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada’s greatest asset and competitive advantage.

The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada Team in Toronto

Steve Horvath, President and CEO
Mr. Horvath took charge of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada in the capacity of its President and CEO on December 2015. Steve Horvath is an accomplished leader with a track record of success in creating value for stakeholders and promoting integration of prevention and workplace health into the culture of an organization. His extensive public and private sector experience will contribute greatly to our continued success preventing cancer, occupational illness and injury from unacceptable exposure to radiation.

For the past five years, Steve has been the President and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, a national organization that is dedicated to promoting the total health and well-being of working Canadians. In addition to his leadership at the CCOHS. He has held senior executive positions with companies in the technology, manufacturing and service sectors including responsibilities as President and CEO of multi-national companies.

Laura Boksman, Chief Scientist
Ms. Boksman brings over 15 years of Canadian nuclear industry experience. Before joining the Institute, she held a variety of positions  in Radiation Protection with AECL and Cameco Corporation.  Her track record of success includes roles in  Operational Health Physics, Laboratory Management, Sampling and Analysis, Emergency Management, Training, Dosimetry, and Nuclear Waste Management and Decommissioning.  As Chief Scientist, Ms Boksman is responsible for providing direction to the Institute’s scientific staff, including Radiation Protection Services, National Laboratory Operations, and National Education Programs.

Bruce Sylvester, CFO 
Mr. Sylvester is an accomplished accountant and finance executive with over 15 years of senior management experience, including engagements as CFO for both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. In addition to leading the financial operations of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada, Mr, Sylvester is spearheading the organization’s administrative and operational transformation. Mr. Sylvester joined the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada in July 2008.

Natalia Mozayani, Executive Director
Together with  the members of the Executive Team,  Ms. Mozayani  is responsible for the Institute’s overall strategic direction . In addition, she manages RSI marketing and communications’ portfolio, and leads business development initiatives. Ms Mozayani brings years of experience in implementation of international development projects and strong business management skills.

Tara Hargreaves, Scientist and Training Coordinator
Ms. Hargreaves develops and administers the training programs of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada and participates in various scientific activities at the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada.

Suketu Patel, Radiation Scientist
As a Radiation Scientist, Mr. Patel participates in the development and teaching of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada’s training programs and in various other scientific activities at the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada. Mr. Patel has graduated with a bachelors degree Medical physics, and a masters degree in Health and Radiation physics.

Maria Costa, Administrative/Communications Assistant
Ms. Costa maintains the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada’s databases and takes care of administrative duties at the National Education Centre.

Earl Rudolfo, Accountant
Mr. Rudolfo is the accountant for the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada.



The Radiation Safety Institute Team in Saskatoon

Jason Sadowski, Manager and Scientist
Mr. Sadowski provides scientific oversight for operations at the National Laboratories, including radiation protection, and radiation measurement. He is also responsible for data analysis, quality assurance, and research and development for the personal alpha dosimetry service at the National Laboratories.

Kaley Lowe , Laboratory Technologist
Ms. Lowe performs laboratory services including the preparation and processing for the Personal Alpha Dosimetry and Instrument Calibration services.

Jolene Miner, Coordinator Radon Testing and Administrative Services
Ms. Miner is responsible for all radon testing and administrative services duties at the National Laboratories.

Octavian Mavrichi, Radiation Scientist 
Mr. Mavrichi is responsible for data analysis, quality assurance and related research for all services offered by the laboratory. He also participates in delivering our training courses in Saskatoon.

Brandi Klassen, Laboratory Assistant
Ms. Klassen assists in a variety of laboratory services including our PAD Dosimetry service, and radon monitoring service.

Pam Lynn, Laboratory Assistant
Ms. Lynn performs a variety of lab related activities at our National Laboratory in Saskatoon. She is involved in the PAD Dosimetry Service and the Postal Quality Assurance program.

Seung Bang, Laboratory Assistant
Mr. Bang performs a variety of lab related activities in our National Laboratory in Saskatoon, SK.




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