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Invitation to the First Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Message from Hon Steven W Mahoney, President and CEO of the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Brett Wilson of Dragons Den fame, calls himself a “Graduate” of the fight with cancer, not just a “Survivor”. Either way it is an apt description of the most difficult battle any of us can ever face. My personal experience with cancer has taught me that everyone is affected, either directly or indirectly through a friend or a loved one with the scourge of our times. Having joined Brett as a “Graduate” and proud to also say I am a “Survivor”, I am asking for your help. The statistics say cancer will hit one in three. Yet we have the best science, dedicated professionals and money available to defeat this disease. Clearly, however, that is not enough. The people and organizations working on a cure need our help.


We at THE RADIATION SAFETY INSTITUTE OF CANADA are dedicated to the “PREVENTION” of cancer and other occupational disease and I am personally committed to helping The Canadian Cancer Society find a “CURE” for cancer.  I hope you will join me.


Below please find a link to the information to register at the first annual Radiation Safety Golf Tournament, with the proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society. Joining me as Co-Chair is Dr. Iggy Kaneff. The date is September 11th at Iggy’s famed Lionhead Golf and Country Club.


Please join us on September 11, 2013  for a great day on the links. Donate a prize or sponsor part of the event.






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We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know!

Know more about this natural risk,
test your homes,put your feet up,
relax, and watch that latest Netflix movie.

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Radiation and Prevention of Occupational Cancers – Every Effort Counts

What we want to keep in focus are potential risks posed by radiation in a typical Canadian workplace. According to the International Labour Organization an estimated 609,000 work-related cancer deaths occur worldwide each year, it still amounts to one work-related cancer death every 52 seconds.

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National Day of Mourning: Avoiding tragedy with a commitment to prevention and passion for action.

April 28th is our opportunity to honour our colleagues who have died or suffered a disabling injury on the job.

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