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Dear Ms. Hargreaves:

We reviewed your document, which was submitted on May 6, 2011 and titled “X-ray Safety for Operators of Baggage Inspection X-ray Systems”, against our guidance criteria established for the radiation safety training of operators using baggage x-ray systems in federal facilities or agencies subject to the Canada Labour Code Part II. The document appears to incorporate the established criteria; thus, it may be used for the purpose intended in Section 3.1.2 of Safety Code 29 (i.e., radiation safety training of operators of baggage x-ray systems).

I have added your organization to our list of agencies that can provide such training to federally regulated facilities. The file on this matter is now closed.

Harri Maharaj
Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau

“……..Quite frankly I’m impressed with your customer service.” – Mark, Markham, ON

“I thank you so much for the time and the care that you have put into the response to our inquiries… You are very kind in supplying the information that you have. It is very helpful.” – Christine, New Brunswick

“I really appreciate this personal level of service” – Christopher, Mississauga, ON

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your course. The course content was very well presented and very educational. You are such a kind group of people which made my week very welcoming and comfortable” – Bobbie L., Nuclear Medicine Dept. Central Alberta Medical Imaging Services, Ltd.

“Thank you so much for a totally fascinating presentation and lecture last night. The feedback from the students was glowing; they so appreciate having impossibly difficult concepts made understandable and accessible” – Dee K, University of Waterloo

“Thank you for your prompt and very professional work in examining electromagnetic field levels within the Toronto house we bought last month. We found that very few people involved in home inspection knew anything about this subject area, and it was hard to feel confident with people who didn’t actually have any specific qualifications to do this work” – Salem A.

“Course was very good and I enjoyed it. After many years, I was in a real classroom environment, daily assignments, daily writing tests and final examination. It was a full university level course” – Aman K, PhD, PEng, EKATI Diamond Mine Process Plant

“I took your course on X-ray safety earlier this year. It was very well done and has been a big help to me in determining requirements here in our manufacturing facility” – Richard B. GE Healthcare

“Thanks for a very informative week and great presentations for putting a complex subject into simple language” – Jean C.



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