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Radiation Safety Officer Refresher (RSO-2) in Saskatoon, Vancouver and Toronto

Refresher training should be taken every 3 years. You have the option of three locations Saskatoon, Vancouver and Toronto!

This course is a laid back two day course for you to revisit the material you learned in your RSO training, catch up with regulatory developments and network with fellow RSOs. Our goal with this course is to give you interactive radiation safety training!
A certificate, based on participation, is issued at the end of the course.



This two-day course builds on your existing knowledge of radiation safety. Active exchange with our educators in advance of the course ensures course content tailored to your specific needs. It is designed to reinforce your understanding of regulations and the best practices. It is the regulator’s expectations that active RSOs will update their training regularly.



  • supreme quality of instruction
  • two certificates in one course, RSO and TDG (Transportation of dangerous Goods Class 7 Certificate)
  • opportunity to engage in hands-on experiments
  • networking with peers



Active Radiation Safety Officers looking to refresh their skills and knowledge base (suggested frequency is every 3 years).



  • Awareness of revisions and changes to CNSC regulations
  • Ability to take new approaches to practical radiation safety challenges
  • Reinforced capacity to maintain a Radiation Safety Program
  • Understanding of the CNSC licence renewal application process
  • Benefit of networking with your peers

Our RSO-2 course graduates are eligible for the following continuing education credits, if applicable:

The Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists 11.25 Category A credits *

*CAMRT Credits are recognized by the ARRT, The ASRT,
and all Provincial Associations under the CAMRT umbrella.


Course Date

Course Location

City, Prov.

Sep 12-13, 2017 Canadian Light Source
44 Innovation Boulevard, S7N 2V3
Saskatoon, SK
Oct 26-27, 2017 Sutton Place Hotel
845 Burrard Street, V6Z 2K6
Vancouver, BC
Nov 7-8, 2017 Radiation Safety Institute 
165 Avenue Road, Suite 300, M5R 3S4
Toronto, ON

Contact Information:

Tara Hargreaves
Staff Scientist and Manager of Training
Tel: 416.650.9090 x23 | Fax 416.650.9920 | Email:

Download Saskatoon and Vancouver Course Brochure – 2017 

Download Toronto Course Brochure – 2017





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